Bloomfield 8780TF-120C1: Gourmet 1000 Thermal Style Coffee Brewer – 120v

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Gourmet 1000 Thermal Style Coffee Brewers offer volume brewing, proper extraction and holding capacity. Traditional electromechanical control and a high level of component compatibility mean many years of dependable, quality brewing. These uniquely designed units eliminate flow control problems and resist clogging in adverse water conditions. Coffee is brewed into a thermal server which is easily transportable to remote serving areas where coffee will remain preserved for optimal temperature and taste.



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  • Water volume adjustments can be made with ease, no panels to remove or tools required.
  • Ready-to-Brew light indicates the proper water temperature to help eliminate the guesswork in brewing.
  • Independent front-mounted hot water faucet allows drawing of hot water without affecting coffee taste or brewing cycle.
  • One-piece drawn stainless steel water tank has a superior design for extended life.
  • Rugged base rails provide stability and strength while minimizing brewer height, and provides easy placement of thermal server.